Boolean Algebra

In our circuit, we use Boolean algebra
simplification methods like the Quine-
McCluskey algorithm to simplify the Boolean
expression and display the output on the
display. It works as a portable calculator to
simplify the Boolean expression on the fly.

Boolean Algebra Calculator
Circuit Features:

*Low power
*Low cost

Block Diagram of Boolean
Algebra Calculator:


Figure 2.1. Block Diagram of Boolean
Expression Minimization Calculator

Block Diagram Description:
Above figure shows the basic block diagram
of the project. Now let us discuss all the
blocks in detail:

Power Supply:
It can be defined as a device that supplies
electrical energy to one or more electric
loads. The term is most commonly applied to
devices that convert one form of electrical
energy to another, though it may also refer to
devices that convert another form of energy
(e.g., mechanical, chemical, solar) to
electrical energy.In our project a supply
mains that is 5volt d.C. is given to the
microcontroller,LED’s , keypad, display.

Microcontroller ATMEGA 16L is used for the
automation purpose and acts as brain of the
project. It controls the output (Display)
according to the input given to it.

For more information
about microcontrollers,
Read All About


The Display used here is 3 Bicolor LED’s. The
Glowing Pattern of LED’s represent the
desired minimized expression.

In this project series of switches have been
used as keypad, is used to give the input
(minterms) expression. Each digit on the
keypad corresponds to one minterm each.

Boolean Algebra Calculator
Circuit Diagram:


Circuit Schematic:
This circuit is a simple 3 variable Boolean
expression minimizer. It uses the Quine
McCluskey algorithm which was described in
the chapter 1.In this the microcontroller plays
a major role, it consists of code to implement
the described algorithm as well as controlls
other components in the circuit.

Initially when the power is switched on an
LED will glow which indicates that the
microcontroller is ready to take the input.
Here the input boolean expression is given in
SOP form, i.e only minterms are to be
entered through the keypad provided.

The keypad consists of 9 switches of which 8
switches corresponds to one minterm each
and the 9th one is used as next button.After
entering the expression the input indicating
LED will go OFF, now based on the algorithm
microcontroller reduces the expression and
the input representing LED glows which
means that the expression has been
minimized and is displayed.

The display consists of 3 Bi-color LED’s in
which Green Light represents the variables in
normal form and the rest Red Light
represents the variables in the complemented
form, the order of them is as shown in the
circuit diagram.

The output is displayed as one minterm at a
time, next minterm is displayed by pressing
the next button and after reaching the last
minterm of the reduced expression the input
indicating LED is switched OFF which
represents end of the output. After few
seconds it is again switched ON
automatically when microcontroller is ready
to take the next input.

For more detail about boolean algebra calculator se the video given below.

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